The history of Little Redstone United Methodist Church 

LittleRedstone200Methodist meetings were held in the early 1840's in the Baptist Meetinghouse, a Schoolhouse, and in the homes of Nathaniel Stephens, Robert Stephens, and Hugh Ford. The Society organized as a congregation on January 14, 1857. Land was purchased from James Stephens and a brick Church was erected in 1857. It was dedicated by Reverend James Green Sansom, Presiding Elder of the Uniontown District. It was on the Redstone and Connellsville Circuit at that time. In 1902 the entrance was remodeled, stained glass windows installed and new seats purchased. A centennial celebration was held in 1957. Always on a Circuit, it has been associated with Fayette City and Perryopolis.

Cochran Memorial


Cochran Memorial UMC
Griscom Street
Dawson, PA 15428
Sunday Worship:  10:30 am
Phone:  724-529-2925

Little Redstone


Little Redstone UMC
201 Redstone Church Road
Fayette City, PA 15438
Sunday Worship:  11:00 am
Phone:  724-529-2925



Newell UMC
204 Miller Street
Newell, PA 15466
Sunday Worship:  9:00 am
Phone:  724-529-2925



Vanderbilt UMC
524 Main Street
Vanderbilt, PA 154866
Sunday Worship:  9:00 am
Phone:  724-529-2925
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